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  • Розмірна сітка
  • What is the difference between rubberized and membrane fabric?
    The rubberized fabric of StaySee raincoats is 100% protection against rain and wind. From the outside, it looks like the well-known bologna/raincoat fabric, and inside, a very thin layer of rubber is applied to the rubberized fabric. This allows us to say that in our raincoats you will be protected from rain and wind.Membrane fabric is a high-tech fabric that will protect you from the rain, while this fabric "breathes": it has the ability to transfer your excess heat to the outside. The membrane fabric is very light and pleasant to the touch.The fundamental difference between rubberized and membrane fabric lies in the production technology of these fabrics. The rubberized fabric is the most reliable and more suitable for more intense rains and winds, for active tourism. Membrane fabric is also suitable for tourism, but it has also proven itself well for everyday needs.
  • What substrate do we use?
    StaySee was the first to use lining as a style element for raincoats and jackets. Each customer has a choice, cotton lining and viscose lining. Well, our legendary striped lining is the "pearl" of our collections.
  • Our insulation
    We insulate our raincoats and jackets with high-tech German Freudenberg sintepon. Our heater is designed for temperatures from -5C to -20C. Before ordering, agree on the desired insulation.
  • Clothing care
    Raincoats and membrane jackets must be washed with a special powder for membrane or sports clothes in a washing machine at 30 degrees. It is possible to iron only with an iron without using steam. Dry cleaning cannot be used. Rubberized raincoats can be washed on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees with ordinary powder. Dry on a hanger. Iron only from the inside. Dry cleaning cannot be used.
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